Chicago, Il Multi-Use Real Estate

Fund Summary

This single asset QOZ Fund is a 198 multi-family unit located in Chicago's Historic Bronzeville neighborhood. The project features a 6% cash return from  the date of contribution with distributions starting 18 months thereafter.  This is the second fund after a successful raise for 66 units. Expected IRR of 20+% with an IRR hurdle of 9%.

Deal Terms

Fund Manager: Eagle Infinite Investments, LLC

Asset Class: Real Estate

Portfolio Type: Single Asset

Fund Size: $20,000,000

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Fund Status: Open/Partially Funded

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Request Full Presentation and Financials

If you have interest in investing in the Bronzeville Multi-Use real estate project please contact us for more detailed information including project updates, percentage of capital raised and invested and return expectations.