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North Country Growers

North Country Growers (NCG) presents a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund that was created to own and operate a 20-acre greenhouse facility on a 169-acre parcel in Berlin, NH.  The greenhouse will grow tomatoes and salad greens that will be sold as far south as Washington DC.  Using innovative yet proven technology, NCG is expected to be the most efficient produce producer in the Northeast.  

Terms of the Fund

Fund Manager: American AgEnergy

Asset Class: Farming

Portfolio Type: Single Asset

Fund Size: $28,000,000

Minimum Investment: $250,000

Fund Status: Open/Partially Funded

Request Full Presentation and Financials

If you have interest in investing in the North Country Growers OZ Fund please contact us for more detailed information including project updates, percentage of capital raised and invested and return expectations.

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