Graphic User Interface GUI

Javelin SEF is dedicated to providing the best tools available for the IRS trader. Its platform uses a state of the art user interface that keeps the trader in touch with all of the market action. Javelin SEF’s central limit order book provides pre-trade price transparency, and shows real time actionable prices with optimal liquidity. In Javelin SEF's central limit order book market participants can view the size and depth of the historical market or just the days’ market action, and execute a trade with a click of a mouse, while remaining anonymous. Alternatively, market participants can direct flow to a dealer using Javelin SEF's electronic Request for Quote ("RFQ") system.  Javelin SEF's trading platform's screens are highly customizable and any configuration can be saved, thereby providing market participants with the ability to execute, manage and modify orders efficiently.

Application Program Interface API

Javelin SEF is constantly working to bring the latest technology to our clients.  Market participants who wish to trade electronically can connect to Javelin SEF's either directly through the Javelin SEF API,  that is fully compliant with FIX, or via an industry standard third party gateway.