Javelin SEF has responded to the market structure change taking place in swaps. Javelin SEF delivers a model that allows flexible modes of execution, which provides customers, dealers and sales forces what they need, while fulfilling all regulatory requirements.

Javelin SEF provides a Request For Quote (RFQ) mode of execution allowing users to source liquidity with the highest degree of flexibility. RFQ allows Javelin SEF users to execute bespoke transactions without sacrificing trade integrity.

Javelin SEF offers an electronic marketplace and a voice-based marketplace to accommodate whatever method of order entry a customer prefers. Javelin SEF has a dedicated experienced staff of authorized employees to match voice transactions, source liquidity in the Voice marketplace, and to support customers entering orders into the electronic marketplace.

Javelin SEF also offers a Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) with concentrated liquidity in the most traded points along the swap curve in both rates and spreads. Trading in swap rates and spreads is completed anonymously using real time workflows.

Javelin SEF's Electronic platform can also be accessed directly from our user interface or via our market standard API connection.

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