Javelin Capital Markets was founded in 2009 by derivative trading and technology professionals.  Javelin created a swap execution facility in response to the changing market structure in derivatives as a result of the 2008 banking crisis. Javelin has delivered an execution model that supports the needs of customers, dealers and sales forces, while satisfying current regulatory requirements for safe and transparent markets.

Javelin SEF offers low cost, real time trade execution for Interest Rate Swaps. Offering both anonymous Limit Order Book and a flexible Request for Quote execution, combining optimal liquidity with transparency and market depth.

Customers may execute directly on Javelin SEF, or through a robust and compliant agency model.

Javelin SEF is clearing agnostic, giving customers a choice of clearing house for their swaps business. Javelin SEF has pioneered real time acceptance of trades in milliseconds with participating clearing houses, thereby providing market integrity by lessening settlement risk.